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Blue Guardians Appreciate Any Donations for paying for Stamps, Sites, Flyers, Signs  ETC.   We are a non-profit organization and depend on donations to keep our fight for Democracy going strong.     

Please keep the Guardian Donkeys on Duty!

You can donate through PayPal online by clicking button below. If you prefer you can send donation in mail to "Blue Guardians of Democracy"   52 Tuscan Way STE 202 #237,   St Augustine , FL 32092.   

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Guardian Donkey Facts 

  • Donkeys are actually excellent guard animals. They will bray loudly, bite and kick (oftentimes to death) any would be intruder.

  • Donkeys have exceptional hearing, a keen nose and excellent vision.
  •  They use these senses to detect intruders. 
  • They bray, bare their teeth, chase, and attempt to kick and bite dogs and coyotes. 
  • Some donkeys will also chase deer, bears, strange livestock, humans and other intruders in a similar fashion.”
  • Did you know donkeys have excellent memory? They are capable of remembering a place they have been to or other donkeys they met 25 years ago!
  • Compared to horses, donkeys are capable of independent thinking and decision making ensuring their safety.
  • Unlike horses, donkeys are not prone to being startled easily. Though they put safety first, they are still pretty curious by nature.
  • The origin and use of a donkey as a party symbol is both interesting and controversial. Initially, the symbol was meant to mock and attack Andrew Jackson by his opponents. They insultingly referred to him as a “jackass.” Instead of becoming irritated and irked by the insults, Andrew liked the comparison and decided to use it for his political gain. He used the symbol of a donkey or jackass as his campaign symbol. His opponents continued using the donkey to represent his stubbornness even while in office, a fact that Jackson agreed with in part