Blue Guardians of ​Democracy Club 

Blue Guardians Board

  • President  -     Lisa Katz
  • Vice President  -  Morton Katz.
  • Vice President  - Judie Marshall
  • Secretary   -  Mary Flynn Erickson
  • Treasurer - Michele Stevens

Blue Guardians of Democracy Objectives.

  • We are a new 2022 voter activist organization in West St Johns County, FL.  
  • No matter our color, background or party, most of us believe that people who betray our nation and endanger our lives have no business governing in our name. We will be fighting to protect our freedom as top priority!
  •  We will be working with other Clubs and the St Johns County Democratic Party to protect our democracy by getting out the vote and supporting Florida candidates that will protect our Constitution and Freedom to choose! 
  •  All efforts to bring active democratic voters together will be  one of our top priorities to support each other in our struggle to “Kick FL Blue in ’22”!
  •  On Jan 6,2022, Blue Guardians hosted the St Augustine, FL Jan 6 Vigil for Democracy rally at the Castillo Park. We had almost 200 participants there. The local news sources covered our event! It is our plan to do more of these events! 
  •  Blue Guardians will reach out by working with ST Johns Democratic Party to do the following:
      •  Volunteer work for calling and mailing Voters
      •  Volunteer work to register Voters at local Events
      •  Participation in Rallies
  • We also will have fun doing it by hosting social events monthly. We will host one or two social events a month for members to meet and enjoy making new friends  with others that share your same values and concerns!

What are you doing to protect our freedom and democracy?  Now is the time to step forward to do calls, mailing, and let your voice be heard!

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