Blue Guardians of ​Democracy Club 

Are you sick of Seeing Our Freedom/Democracy Being Undermined by Authoritarian Government Supporters?

  Join us in our fight to Protect Our Freedom and Constitution Now!

Click on these links as reminders of the planning of a coup against our Country to deny all of us the Freedom to Choose!

John Rutherford and Rick Scott participated in effort to throw out legitimate American Votes

If Trump had really won re-election in 2020, he was going to strip the funding for Social Security and Medicare by getting rid of payroll taxes that funds the programs! This is not entitlements!   This is our money to protect us in our old age that we paid for!

Governor DeSantis trying to turn Florida into a Cuban style Government!



Protect Our Freedom and our Voting Rights !   Get Involved !  Join our Club !

 We are in St Johns County , FL and work with other Voter Activists Groups to get out the Vote Through Volunteer Work.


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